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Primus: Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People (2003)
(Region: 1)

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Bonus Clip:
Note: This requires a PC with a DVD-ROM drive and cannot be done with a standalone DVD player. Click on the attic at the main menu. Once you have zoomed in on the attic screen, there is a Primus album in the background. Click on it to view a hidden scene. Also, click on the nozzle of the gas can to view a hidden scene with Buckethead.
Reported by: KC

Bonus Clip:
Go to the attic screen from the main menu. Go to Chapter 1 to see a clip featuring early Primus announcing they are breaking up.

Bonus Clip:
Enter the attic in the menu and when zoomed in click on the right-hand eye on the Devil figure to view a clip of Bob C. Cock in heaven with Jesus.
Reported by: tokvev

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