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Perfect Blue (1997)
(Region: 1)

DVD-ROM only: Its a little piece of software called the Virtual radio program. Its Japanese interactive QuickTime program. That I guess Manga Entertainment thought would be fun to put on the disc for people with DVD-ROMs. You find it by putting your Perfect Blue disc in youÊ DVD-Rom. Then accessing it thought the explorer menu system. Double click on the folder called Perfectb. Then double click on Perfectb.exe this will install the program. It is pretty straight forward, except it will only work with the version of QuickTime that it comes with. Which is version 2.1.2. This will only be a problem if you have newer version on you computer witch might cause conflict. It will give you the option to get rid of any other versions of QuickTime on your computer. I just installed it alongside my other version of QuickTime which is 4.0 and it did not have any problems, but be careful it might not work the same on all computers. The program itself is mostly in Japanese. It dose have some English words, and is not that hard to navigate. It is designed like a radio. It has movie clips information on the girls in CHAM and some samples of Perfect Blue merchandise. It also has interviews and a lot of assorted video clips.

If you continue to explore the disc in a DVD-ROM drive, you can find 6 screensavers, a bunch of .bmp's to use as wallpaper, and some audio clips.

Web Access:
To find the Manga 2000 trailer, along with the English theatrical trailer of "Perfect Blue", go into "Mima's Room", then click on "Links". You'll see three websites listed. I don't know if they actually link to the sites if you have a DVD-ROM, but just by clicking on them in a standard DVD player (I have a Panasonic A120), you'll find the trailers. The link to Manga.com will show you the Manga 2000 trailer, and the PerfectBlue.com link will show you the Perfect Blue trailer. The last link is for the Sputnik anime webcast site, which has a short teaser of what the site is about.

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