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Puss in Boots (2011)
Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy (Region: 1)

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Bonus Feature:
From the Extras Menu go to the "Special Features" and then enter the "Preview" section. From the first menu entry, press your Up button - or from the last menu entry, press your Down button. An icon of Humpty Dumpty will appear. Press your Enter button to see a short clip of Puss In Boots chasing a dot of light while trying to pose for the movie poster.

Bonus Feature:
Go to Deleted Scenes page. Highlight "Puss in Boots Fights the Giant". Press your Left button and Humpty will appear. Press Enter for a video "The Boots Are Made for Walkin'" from Shrek 2.

Bonus Feature:
In Special Features, highlight "Kitty Strikes Again" Press your Right button and Humpty will appear. Press Enter to see a clip of the Cat Premiere.

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