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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
Two-Disc Collector's Edition (Regions: 1, 2, 4)

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Bonus Features:
Choose "Fly on the Set", go down to "Play All", navigate right to highlight the vampire tooth on the monkey, then click on it to see: Pirates Cave Construction.

Choose "Below Deck", navigate left to highlight the skull in the middle of the medallion, click on it to see a cgi demo of the ship battle, done by the Pixel Liberation Front.

On the "Below Deck" menu, click on "Scene Index", navigate to the second page and go down to "Pirate Ships", then navigate left to highlight the ring on the skeletal hand. Click on this to see the Japanese trailer.

On the Moonlight Serenade Scene Progression" menu, navigate down to "Main Menu" and then hit down to highlight the molar tooth on the impaled skeleton. Click on this to see Keith Richard talk about Johnny Depp basing Jack Sparrow on him.

Bonus Scene:
Fast forward past the end credits roll for an extra scene with Jack the monkey.
Reported by: bradley elkins

DVD 2. Special features. Enter to "below deck" and there, go to "scene index". In the second screen, over "types of pirates",navigate down and it appears a slate. Click it and see the credits of film footage and photographs od the DVD.
Reported by: Casagemas

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