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The Pit and the Pendulum (1990)
(Region: 2)

From the main menu for this film, go to "Videozone". This area is included in many Full Moon releases; most them are commercials for other FM releases and products. Usually there is a featurette. Sit (or scan) through the featurette (about 14 minutes), then the coming attractions for upcoming releases. After a pause you get 1-2 minutes of bloopers from the movie. I had heard about the hidden bloopers before, but couldn't find them as I was erroneously told they were after the main credits of the film. I had turned off the "video magazine" when the trailers for other full moon movies came up, figuring that was it for the stuff connected with the Pit and the Pendulum. Wrong! After much poking around, I finally found the bloopers.

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