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Queen: Greatest Video Hits 2 (2003)
(Regions: 1, 2)

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Bonus Clip:
1. At the main menu, go to the 'Hot Space' sub-menu.

2. Go to the 'Play All' option. Do not select it.

3. Click the up arrow on your DVD remote.

4. The pointer should now have disappeared. Now press the 'Menu' button on your DVD remote.

5. You will find Brian May's kids singing their version of 'Who wants to live forever'.

Bonus Features:
1. "Who Wants Top Live Forever" Version 2
Disc 1
Press Enter when the Sleeve for "Who Wants to Live Forever" appears

2. "Who Wants To Live Forever" Version 3
Disc 2
"Hot Space"
Highlight "Play All"
Press Up, Left, Right

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